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Beginning Database SRS Decks

Using SQL Databases

Whether you're a programmer, or an analyst, working with relational databases is a core part of your job. If you don't understand how databases work, and how to use them to do your job, you're doomed to frustration and failure.

This flashcard deck teaches you:

  • how to understand databases (structurally)
  • how to understand SQL statements (as set operations)
  • how to perform common tasks in SQL

This deck is focused on standard, portable SQL and relational database concepts. Everything you will learn can be used in PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server or any other RDBMS.

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Intermediate Python Programming SRS Decks

Dates, Times and Clocks in Python


Frustration, tears, perhaps even madness. These are the tales told by those who suffered the traumas of the datetime and time modules.

There is an underlying logic to the modules. But trying to sift that logic out of the documentation on your own might take years.

This deck will teach you:

  • the date and time concepts on which the modules are built
  • when/where/why/how to use (or not use) each object type
  • how to convert date and time objects between different types/representations

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Intermediate Python Programming SRS Decks

Python String Generation

String generation, string formatting, dynamic strings, string interpolation... There are almost as many names for this ubiquitous task as there are different ways to do it in Python.

This deck will teach you the four techniques that you are certain to face in your... um, complicated... relationship with Python.

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'%s, Python?' % ('wtf',)

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f'{expletive}, Python?'

Intermediate Python Programming SRS Decks

Creating Classes and Objects in Python

python logo

You can only get so far in Python without writing your own classes, and creating objects from them.

The Creating Classes and Objects in Python flashcard deck teaches you the essentials of class structure, methods, data attributes and objects, with an emphasis on understanding the distinction between class members and object (instance) members.

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Beginning Python Programming SRS Decks

Simple Data Types in Python

Numbers, strings, booleans and the null value (None) are the fundamental building blocks upon which all data items (literals and variables) in a Python program are built.

This deck teaches you about data objects, the simple data types, the (im)mutability and truth values of simple types, and how the simple types are used in mathematical and logical operations.

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Beginning Python Programming SRS Decks

Lists, Strings and Dicts in Python

python logo

Container types are data objects that hold other data objects as elements. Python offers many different container types, but there are three that you will need every day - list, str and dict.

This deck teaches you the fundamental concepts about how containers are structured, how to access their elements and the functionality that is built into their objects.

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Beginning Python Programming SRS Decks

Python Essentials

Master the language of Data Science, Machine Learning, Web Development, DevOps, Systems Integration and countless other domains.

You will learn:

  • the fundamentals - built-in objects and functionality
  • how to avoid common errors, quirks and gotchas
  • how to work comfortably in everyday programming situations

You will learn Python progressively, developing understanding layer by layer, reinforcing it as you learn new material.

This deck will help you understand Python at a much deeper level than that held by most practicing programmers.

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Intermediate Python Programming SRS Decks

Python Database API

python logo

Compared to string generation, or the datetime module, coding to the Python Database API is soothing, almost meditative.

Your coworkers may still mock you for writing terrible SQL. But they will envy your smooth and fetching ways with the hotties (PostgreSQL, SQLite), as well as their less attractive friends.

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