SRS and General Learning Articles

General Learning Articles

How Students Learn - Learning Stages - Learning is not an atomic activity. Learning is a process, a process that progresses through stages.

Studying in the Learning Stages: A Guide for Students - how to apply the Learning Stages in your studies.

Applying the Learning Stages to Learning a Programming Language - Instructional resources and learning techniques that enable learning at each stage.

Explaining Concepts is Hard - A catalogue of reasons why teaching/learning conceptual knowledge goes wrong, and a method for doing it right.

SRS Articles

Why You Should Learn via Spaced Repetition - A substantial and growing body of independent research shows SRS to be the most effective way to learn. Nothing else comes close.

Why You Should Choose a Deck from SRSoterica - Our authors combine subject matter expertise, SRS expertise and instructional system design (ISD) expertise to produce peerless flashcard decks for challenging technology subjects.

Spaced Repetition (SRS) Myths and Misunderstandings - A handful of things that the SRS community either gets wrong, or not quite right.

Learning Conceptual Knowledge via Spaced Repetition - SRS is well-suited to learning concept-intensive subjects. But it's substantially harder to make a good deck for these subjects.

Students Cannot Make Their Own SRS Decks - Students are not capable of writing their own decks, except in the simplest of learning tasks, and/or for the very best of students.