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Using SQL Databases is a comprehensive spaced repetition system (SRS) flashcard deck for learning how to work with relational databases.

A substantial and growing body of research shows SRS to be the most effective way to learn. Nothing else comes close.

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What You Will Learn

Relational databases are massive systems. They are inherently complex. But they are breathtakingly effective at storing and managing data.

The trick to using them is developing an intuitive understanding of how they operate, while pushing the difficult aspects (like relational algebra) off until later.

This deck teaches you how to understand databases (structurally), how to understand SQL statements (as set operations), and how to perform common tasks in a database, via SQL.

We're not going to teach you how to create tables here. (You can learn that in a later deck.) We're just going to focus on how to work with somebody else's data, in their database. The kind of thing you typically need to do at your day job.

The Using SQL Databases deck contains over 900 SRS flashcards, organized in 8 "chapters":

  • 01) Databases and Tables
  • 02) Servers and Clients
  • 03) SQL Statements
  • 04) Querying Tables (SELECT)
  • 06) Working with More than One Table
  • 07) DBMS Functions
  • 08) SQL as Sculpture

This deck is focused on standard, portable SQL and relational database concepts. We love us some PostgreSQL (and SQLite). But everything you learn here can be used in MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server and Db2. Most of it can even be used in (relational) analytics databases, as well as NewSQL systems.

Actual Questions

How You Will Learn

SRSoterica spaced repetition flashcard decks are an exciting breakthrough in learning concept-intensive subjects via SRS. All of our decks teach you:

  • essential concepts and functionality
  • in the right order
  • at the right level of detail
  • idiomatically

Our decks are comprehensive (without being exhaustive). They highlight the quirks that trip people up. They hammer home difficult concepts using multiple representation techniques, and layers of reinforcement.

Our decks are not just a set of facts. You get tested on your ability to apply what you learn. You analyze and evaluate the kinds of situations that you will encounter in everyday programming.

Our decks encompass the expertise and experience of multiple practicing professional programmers.

You will learn the subject cold.

Textbook Depth, Flashcard Efficiency!

Our decks combine the best features of a book:

  • comprehensive coverage
  • structured content
  • progressive learning

with the killer features of a flashcard deck:

  • concise presentation
  • testing and repetition

Learn effectively at any time, whether you've got two minutes or twenty.

Who Is This For?

This deck is targeted to beginning database users. You should already have some exposure to SQL and relational databases - either reading introductory materials, or bumbling around in existing databases.

  • If you're a programmer that treats a relational database as a junk drawer (or a dumpster), you need this deck
  • If you're an analyst that needs to do your own reporting, this deck will lead you down the path of enlightenment

If you've tried (but failed) to learn SQL before, this is different. This is the only tool that targets the Absorption stage of the learning process - the stage where most students fail.

If you don't have any prior understanding or experience with databases, you're probably not ready to tackle this.

Get it now for only $39!

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There's not a better way than SRS to learn - really learn - the concepts and intricacies of relational databases.

Nobody else understands how to make concept-intensive SRS decks as well as we do. Nobody even comes close.

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