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Simple Data Types in Python is a comprehensive Spaced Repetition System (SRS) flashcard deck for learning the basic (non-container) data types in Python, and how to work with them.

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What You Will Learn

Simple data types are data objects that are atomic, indivisible. They are used as is, as well as serving as the elements of container objects. Every data item in every Python program you ever write or use will ultimately be constructed from these simple types.

This deck contains over 400 SRS flashcards, covering:

  • Data objects
  • Numeric types
  • Arithmetic operations
  • Character types and string literals
  • Null and Boolean Types
  • Equality and comparison operations
  • Identity operations
  • Mutability of simple types
  • Truth values of simple types

This deck is targeted at Python v3. But differences from Python v2 are highlighted where they are likely to be encountered in common practice.

Actual Questions

How You Will Learn

SRSoterica spaced repetition flashcard decks are an exciting breakthrough in learning concept-intensive subjects via SRS. All of our decks teach you:

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Who Is This For?

This deck is targeted to beginning Python programmers. It expects that you already understand these things:

  • how to work in the Python shell (and/or run scripts)
  • the difference between built-in functions, keyword statements and object methods

If you don't already understand these things, you should gain a little experience, or bone up elsewhere, before you tackle this. You might consider using the Python Essentials deck, which also covers this material.

If you've already got a couple of languages under your belt, you might find this a little tedious. But it's still a better use of your time than Facebook.

Get it now for only $29!

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There's not a better way than SRS to learn - really learn - the concepts and intricacies of the Python programming language.

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